Pure Artisan Camembert is a soft, white, bloomy rind cheese that has a luxurious, delicate flavor with a slight mushroomy aroma.

The inside has a straw-like colour and a soft, bulgy texture which has a taste reminiscent of hazelnuts.

It is best enjoyed with a crusty baguette and some country bread.

Triple Cream Brie

Triple Cream Brie

This is our signature cheese that has our cheese lovers coming back for more.

It has a very rich, robust, full flavor. It is a cheese that has a flowing texture and a full-on creamy flavor.

As it matures it will develop a slight mottling on its snowy rind.

This fairly rich cheese should be served at the end of a meal and goes very well with country bread and a pot of quince paste.


Black Ash Triple Cream Brie

We take our Triple Cream Brie and add black ash. This stabilises the brie and gives it a very consistent texture throughout the cheese.

Black Ash Cut

Truffle Triple Cream Brie

Add to the wonderful texture and flavor of our Triple Cream Brie, the unmistakable exotic taste of Truffle.


Washed Rind

During its ripening period, this cheese is turned, brushed and washed on a regular basis to give its unique, gamey flavouring.

The rind develops an orange hue and the interior develops a bouquet of flavours with a tangy finish.

It should be eaten plain or on a crusty baguette, accompanied by a slightly bitter beer. Yum!


Millie's Blue

Millie’s Blue is a Shropshire/Stilton type cheese.

It has a beautiful orange colouring with blue vein.

This is a recipe designed and perfected in 2015.


Pure Blue

Our Pure Blue Cheese is made from pure cows milk.

Penicillium roqueforti is added to the milk to give its unique blue/green marbling.

A natural grey rind forms around the slightly sweet, tangy cheese that is creamy with a salty finish.

This is a medium aroma cheese and is best served with pear or apple slices, or roasted walnuts.